[Scribus] Re: Test and Hello ...

Steve Herrick steveh
Mon Mar 3 17:19:07 CET 2003

Quoting P Linnell <plinnell at attbi.com>:    
> Welcome all.     
> I am the primary documenter for Scribus     
Three cheers for anyone willing to provide documentation for an OSS project!    
Apart from a simple and unified installer, the biggest thing missing from    
Linux is documentation.    
> The fonts issue is a high one, but difficult to solve at the moment -    
> not hopeless though. One of the difficulties is the wide variations in    
> the way Linux distros handle fonts. Xfree86 4.3.0 is now out and Keith    
> Packard's fontconfig while not perfect is under very active development.    
> This will bring a lot of sanity to font configuration in Xfree86. The    
> transition will take some time.    
I look forward to this being done. This is the only obstacle to my using    
Scribus full-time.    
> I think Franz has a heavily upgraded version of Suse 7.0. I am sure he    
> will confirm at some point.    
Franz, are you on the list?    
> The gist: Adobe tested the Linux market with Framemaker, along with    
> watching Corel's Linux financial losses and concluded the Linux market    
> is unwilling to pay the same price for Adobe professional applications    
> as Win and Mac users. (There I think they are dead wrong.)      
I think they may have a point. If I can get the GIMP to replace Photoshop,    
Zope to replace GoLive, Sweep to replace CoolEdit Pro (not an Adobe product,    
but you get the point), why wouldn't I expect that a free application would    
eventually come along to replace InDesign? And it has. I think open-source is    
well on the way to de-commidifying software. I've always liked Macs and Adobe,    
but I'll jump at the opportunity to get equally-good software for free. I'll    
even be happy to contribute to the effort (see below).    
> > > When Scribus is ready for the big time, I'll be free at last.     
> We are getting there...    
> I think Franz has done a remarkable job, considering he has essentially    
> been a one man show without any outside support. Like me, a real job and    
> family. Considering the feature set right now compared to when I started    
> working in earnest on the documentation, it really is amazing how    
> capable Scribus has become.     
I totally agree. I'm not a programmer, so I can't contribute that way. I am,   
however, a designer, and I am happy to do what I can. For example, I sent   
Franz some ideas on the layout of Scribus, which he integrated into the 
Measurements palette in 0.9.8pre. I have more ideas as well, laid out in QT 
Designer. If folks would like to see the files, or screenshots thereof, let me 
know. I'm very interested in feedback.   

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