[Scribus] Test and Hello ...

Steve Herrick steveh
Mon Mar 3 04:49:24 CET 2003

Quoting Subash Jeyan <nsjeyan at vsnl.net>:

> hello,
> great to have a mailing list atlast for scribus. though i don't use
> scribus professionally, been compiling and kind of testing scribus since
> version 0.8.0. (under mandrake 9.0 with colour management).

I also am not using Scribus professionally (I'm curious if anyone is), but I
would like to in the near future. I'm still struggling with fonts displaying
correctly (versions 0.9.5 - 0.9.8 beta). 

InDesign is the last reason I haven't switched to Linux 100%. When Scribus is
ready for the big time, I'll be free at last.



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