[Scribus] RE: Scribus page size errors

Brian Dolbec brian_dolbec
Sat Jun 28 06:44:36 CEST 2003

I found the gentoo ebuild for 1.0_rc1 & installed it.   The page size
now shows correctly for letter & legal size.   I did notice 1 other bug
so far that was not resolved (both 0.8 & 1.0_rc1) in regards to page
sizes.   If you select custom size, set a size then change the units,
they are reset to low start values again.  It does not matter what units
you start from or change to.

> You're better off either downloading from anoncvs (instructions below)
> or getting the 1.0RC1 tarball from the Scribus website - 0.8 had a
> few number of bugs in it ;-p


> Paul

Brian Dolbec <brian_dolbec at telus.net>

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