[Scribus] a little MORE HELP

tom jakabfy tjakabfy
Fri Jun 27 18:18:24 CEST 2003

Hey there:
Yes... same problem (no text editing) with me.
I sent this message to the wrong place last week. I did get some replies but 
none which solve this problem.

I am using SLACKWARE 9.0. I'd be interested in knowing if other Slackware 
users have this problem.

I have recompiled Scribus .97 and had the same problem.
I then recompiled Scribus 1.0RC1 and the problem continues.
I can only edit text with BS and Del keys. All text keys are DEAD (maybe the 
page up and down work too).

I can import Pix and Text files fine but NO EDITING....of text files.
I can change the font and size of imported text in the box...but can NOT 
change 1 single letter...

I read the other answers but this is the way it worked before , the new 
recompiles somehow don't allow editing. I can also change the fonts and sizes 
of highlighted text(if imported)... but NO keyboard editting.

Help please.

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