[Scribus] scribus page size error

PFJ paulf.johnson
Thu Jun 26 10:07:54 CEST 2003


> Hi.  I just installed scribus 0.8 using gentoo's
> app-office/scribus-0.8.ebuild.  I test ran it and found the page size
> width for letter & legal to be 9.0 inches.   The normal width in North
> America is 8.5 inches.   Also, selecting custom size, setting to 8.5 x
> 11.0 inches then changing to any other other unit resets the sizes to
> 0.01 units.

You're better off either downloading from anoncvs (instructions below)
or getting the 1.0RC1 tarball from the Scribus website - 0.8 had a good
few number of bugs in it ;-p



Getting Scribus from anoncvs

cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at ahnews.music.salford.ac.uk:/usr/local/cvsroot

when asked for the password, press return

cvs -z3 -d
:pserver:anoncvs at ahnews.music.salford.ac.uk:/usr/local/cvsroot co

this will download the source into a directory called Scribus - you then
just cd Scribus, ./configure, make, su, make install and you'll have
what will be the final 1.0 release (beta)

anoncvs access is provided by the Internation Media Centre, University
of Salford.

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