[Scribus] a litle help

PFJ paulf.johnson
Mon Jun 23 17:04:14 CEST 2003


> But, how I can make in order to write directly on scribus?  Exists a
> handbook (easy) in order to begin?

Start the application. Click on "file" and then click on "new". If
you're happy with the page dimensions you're presented with, click OK.
You've now started your first doc. 

To do text. Click on the icon with the ABC in it. You drag the box to
the correct size. Next, click on the "I" with hand next to it. Click
inside the box you have just created and type.

To import a picture, click on the picture icon (next to the ABC icon),
again drag the box to the correct size. Click inside the box with the
right hand mouse button (assuming you've not changed what button does
what). Click on the "import image" menu option. A filer window opens and
you find then click the imported picture you want. It will then appear
in the box.

Okay, this is a very much oversimplified way of doing things, but it
works. Further instructions are on the documentation website (see the
main scribus website for details)


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