[Scribus] "Get Picture" only shows pdf-files.

Klaus Ade Johnstad klaus
Sun Jun 22 15:29:14 CEST 2003

Suddenly the command "Get Pictures" now only list my directories and 
PDF-Files, see accompanying screenshot. It should offcourse show files 
of type bmp, gif, jpg ....

I'm using, and this used to to work. The funny thing is that 
this only happend when I use the Norwegian translation, if I set the 
LANG to English or German, then the "Get Picture" dialog shows the 
correct files.

I believe there might be something wrong with my scribus.no_NO.po file. 

And yes it is, I have at one point translated
);;Vectorimages (*.eps *.pdf);;All Files (*)
Vektorbilder (*.eps *.pdf);;Alle Filer (*)
notice the missing ");;".

Whitout these );; you get this rather annoying effect.

I think it is a bug when a wrong translation can create such chaos in 
the program.

Just to let you know.
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