[Scribus] Problem exporting PDF (offset)

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Sat Jun 21 19:55:32 CEST 2003

Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Hi again,
>>> I spotted a bug bug in exporting PDF from Scribus:
>>> I a document I created, I have lots of image frames that have 
>>> horizontal and/or vertical offsets specified, so that the actual 
>>> image is not shown  dirctly at the margin of the frame, but a few 
>>> millimeters moved in left or bottom direction.
>>> When exporting that file to PDF, so that I can send it to the people 
>>> who should print it, I noticed that those offets are not respected 
>>> and the images are moved back to the frame margins (like I'd set an 
>>> offset of 0). Of course, this destroys my layout.
>>> I think this might be easily fixed, if you know it - so I'm telling 
>>> you :)
>>> BTW, I also tested that it sill happens with 0.9.9
>> Tried it tonight with some images and it works for me, the offset is used
>> properly. What kind of images are you using?
> The problem is still happening with 0.9.11, so I packed some sample 
> files up to show you what I'm talking of:
> http://test.kairo.at/misc/scribustest.zip
> The zip file contains the sample scribus file, the two needed graphics 
> files (the eps is shown with wrong offset when exported), and a sample 
> pdf that I exported with 0.9.11 and which shows the bug.
> What I'm trying to do is to resemble the layout of 
> http://jvp.kairo.at/team.php in a folder (yes, this is political 
> "propaganda" made with scribus!)
> I hope this can still be fixed for 1.0 (and I'd need the folder with 
> that content printed soon :-> )
Tried your test File and I must say you're right, the offsets aren't correct.
A quick workaround for that is to set the Resolution in the PDF-Options Dialog
to 72 dpi, then the offsets are correct.

I try to find the problem as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Franz Schmid

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