[Scribus] qt3-3.1.2-39 & 44 OK

Bart Alberti bart
Fri Jun 20 06:36:58 CEST 2003

I did the upgrade via rpm -Uvh and then SuSEconfig (remember SuSEconfig,
please! after upgrade)
     from ftp <etc> suse8.1...kde.org
However the qt-devel-doc was 5 Mb  which was too boring to wait for, so I
lost kdevelop, which I do not actually use, under YAST dependency check. I
STILL have qt-2.3.2 since I think that was dumped on me by some audio app
that used it as its interface and specifically called for it in its compile;
it may have been cooledit, but I no longer remember.
    Anyway, thanks.
Bart Alberti bart at solozone.com

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