[Scribus] from the chalk face

Paul paulf.johnson
Wed Jun 11 00:19:29 CEST 2003

> > If I can get the Quark importer to work, Salford Uni may be using it
> > next semester :-)
> >
>   There's a Quark importer for Scribus?? Where?

Someone hacked the file format and published it on the web. Okay, it's
of dubious legality and *if* I get it working, it will be as a plugin to
be used unsupported and also used at the users own risk.

Don't expect it for a while though, I'm dead busy with other projects
(paid for), but with luck, it'll be out in time for September.



The world is throwing away oppressive regimes
Which don't allow people to choose.
Wars are fought to topple these people.
Yet the folks who do this, still use Windows.
Double standards or not understanding why they did it?

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