[Scribus] from the chalk face

Paul paulf.johnson
Tue Jun 10 23:51:28 CEST 2003


> Just to say that one of my 14 year old students using 0.9.10 on our all SuSE 
> lan said this afternoon that, '...windows should have something like this, 
> then I could use it at home'. Any advice anyone ;-)

There is a W2K port of it somewhere - check the documentation website
for details. Failing that, throw anything from M$ into a big metal bin,
pour petrol on and dump a few matches in for good measure.

> Keep up the amazing progress and I would love hear any other teachers out 
> there with similar experience on Scribus.

If I can get the Quark importer to work, Salford Uni may be using it
next semester :-)

> ps give us an rpm someone

RPM scheduled for the 1.0 release (end of June)



The world is throwing away oppressive regimes
Which don't allow people to choose.
Wars are fought to topple these people.
Yet the folks who do this, still use Windows.
Double standards or not understanding why they did it?

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