[Scribus] On Screen Font Rendering in Document

Johannes Wilm j
Fri Jun 6 18:00:23 CEST 2003

Yes scribus still has quite some on-screen font rendering problems. But
these are partly due to qt (and some of it is fixed in the latest
qt3.2-beta) and also developers have decided not to concentrate on the
onscreen font rendering problems and rather use their time on making
scribus perfect in all other ways as, I believe, their logic is somethng
like that "scribus is not for writing on screen but to make print-outs
that look fine".
However, as I gathered, the issues will eventually be looked into - as one
really can't print nice stuff when one doesn't know how it will look
exactly on beforehand.
Look at the current wish list at:
and add your particular screen rendering
issue (probably priority:low) it isn't listed there already.

Johannes Wilm
On Fri, 6 Jun 2003, Joe Villari wrote:

> I've just upgraded to 0.9.10.
> My fonts still render awfully in a document. They print fine but I can't
> tell what anything will look like on screen.All of my fonts, icluding
> some I've converted from MAC, are available to me.
> Is there some sort of antialiasing that needs turning on? Is it me or is
> that just how Scribus is?
> Joe

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