[Scribus] ICC Profiling software for Linux/Windows machine

Christoph Schoenherr lists.cschoenherr
Wed Jun 4 17:41:59 CEST 2003

Dear all,

Anybody out there who could share her/his experience in using ICC 
printer and monitor profiles under Linux, which were produced 
with a Windows application like Monaco EZ or Colorvision 

I've tried to profile my printer with VueScan's built-in printer 
profiler, but the results are disappointing.
So now I'm considering ordering one of these expensive 
measurement tools, but I'm not sure if the following could work:

Printing out the test sheet from Scribus or Gimp with the CUPS 
driver and default settings. Measuring the sheet in Windows 
(with which profiling software?) and getting an ICC profile. 
Using this ICC profile within Schribus. Same for the monitor. My 
Scanners are already well profiled with lcms.

For now I'm working on a Linux-only machine. Is there a 
possibility to get proper printer profiles without getting into 

Thanks for any advice,

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