[Scribus] [Q] Fonts display poorly under RH9...REPOST

Theodore E Poe Jr. tpoe
Tue Jun 3 16:14:29 CEST 2003

Sorry if this is a repost.  It appeared on the archive and then 

I've just compiled Scribus 0.9.10 and I'm trying to run it under
RH9/Gnome.  While the general frame components look fine, the text I
enter into a frame displays improperly regardless of the font or
fontsize.  The letters appear to overlap each other by about 20%.  I've
gone through the material posted on the web:

* loaded a few sample MS ttf fonts into a separate directory
* created a fonts.scale file and a fonts.dir file
* updated the xfs config file and restarted xfs
* restarted scribus and selected these (and other) fonts

It doesn't seem to help.  Can anyone provide some clues on which
direction to head in debugging this?


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