SVG Viewers was Re: [Scribus] cvs suggestions...

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Mon Jun 2 23:59:53 CEST 2003

> > the integrated svg export plugin works great...
> Does anybody know a real good SVG-Viewer for Linux aside of the Adobe Viewer
> plugin?
Hello Franz, 

You are (again) ahead of the curve..

XSVG is intended to be X extension with support for PDF 1.4 in a display
postscript like rendering. This is the next feature
Keith Packard is working on for Xfree86. Needs a farly late version of
Xfree86 and Xft2 V.2.2. Won't build on RH 8. Maybe RH9?

KSVG  is a plug-in to Konqueror which might be in KDE 3.2. To build it
you need a CVS version of KDE at the moment. It seems to have quite a
bit of capabilities already.  has the amaya browser, which runs on Linux, you can open
an SVG "document" in edit mode. It does display Scribus SVG mostly
correctly, but slow. 

Exporting and creating SVG seems to be much simpler than rendering it on

Even the latest Adobe SVG plug-in on Win32 is less than perfect.
Supposedly it is scheduled for an update this year to V 4.0.

Corel just released an updated version of their SVG Viewer plug-in for
Win32. I have not had a chance to try it yet. Their installer, I suspect
will be tricky under Wine.

Best egards,


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