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Alan Horkan horkana
Wed Jul 30 23:09:37 CEST 2003

I was reading through the Scribus mailing list archives to try and get an
idea of where you guys are at [1] and I noticed your post asking about SVG

I thought I should mention that Sodipodi has really good SVG import.

If you just want to view the SVG then librsvg is pretty slick, there is a
simple rsvg tool or you could use some of the applications that
incorprote librsvg (the Eye of Gnome image viewer uses librsvg at a very
low level by way of gdkpixbuf)
(There also happens to be an XSVG spinoff project of librsvg)

[1] I was reading up on Adobe XMP which got me thinking about
Desktop Publishing and then Scribus.

I was very interested to see that Scribus a rudimentary Quark
Express plugin, even if it is not brilliant it is useful to know that
someone is working on it.

I was generally interested in what plans you might have to evenually
support even simple import (not worrying much about formatting) of other
file formats such as OpenOffice XML or Abiword or RTF.
Nugde nudge, abiword has lots of nice modular importers and exporters that
one might turn into libraries, more likely though is that efforts to cut
and paste from Abiword to various other applictions using XHTML will
eventually provide a good compatibility route and chance to move user data
around.  (not volunteering though ;)

>From the mailing list archives I can see that these kinds of things are
more long term but might happen eventually.

I was also interested to see the various requests for better Gnome/KDE
intergration of Scribus, hopefully through the work of Freedesktop.org and
others Scribus will be able to fit in better with Gnome without the need
to port the whole frontend or make other radical changes.

Anyway, dont let me distract you from developement any longer, good luck
with Scribus.


Alan Horkan


Franz Schmid  Franz.Schmid at altmuehlnet.de
Son Jun 1 23:59:32 CEST 2003

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Subash Jeyan wrote:
> hi,
> just a suggestion regarding the cvs date/time stamp. the cvs id one gets
> depends on the time one compiles the cvs sources and not on the time one
> actually downloads them. would it be possible to have a kind of version
> numbering for cvs so that it will be much easier to track bugs or
> anything else? something like scribus 0.9.11cvs10...
Will change the time stamp to the day when the sources are last edited.
Seems to be more useful.

> the integrated svg export plugin works great...
Does anybody know a real good SVG-Viewer for Linux aside of the Adobe

Best Regards
Franz Schmid

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