[Scribus] a modest proposal on interface

Gary Glasscock rainmaker
Thu Jul 31 07:35:53 CEST 2003

I have my own domain so I could setup a listserv there if need be.  I
agree though on the suggestion to see about getting one from the same
place as the Scribus listserv.


On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 00:58, Steve Herrick wrote:
> Gary Glasscock wrote:
> > Steve, there is a bit of a problem, I think anyway, with creating a UI
> > as you suggest.  For one, there are standards that need to be followed
> > when implementing a UI, no matter the platform used.  With this in mind,
> > I think that our group should concentrate on enhancing the present UI
> > and making sure that it stays well within the standards set forth for
> > KDE/Gnome.  I know that this is probably something that you didn't want
> > to hear, however, I felt compeled to point out the standards issue.  
> No, it's OK, I'm open to criticism. Frankly, I never expected the 
> near-modeless idea to catch on. I wanted to present it, however, partly 
> as an academic exercise (basically to see if I could do an entire UI 
> that way - it's probably 75% done), but more as a blue-sky model to 
> orient us for the future. The more I read Jef Raskin, the more I like him.
> > Basically, the way I see it, your proposal is a very good one, however,
> > it is a bit advanced and more to an extreme departure of the standard
> > UI.  I think your proposal would be better served as a proposal for
> > changes to the current UI standards that are already in place, and not
> > in a singular program as yet.
> > 
> > This is my humble opinion of the matter.
> I'm not up to proposing new standards to the entire open-source 
> community - it's all I can do to stay afloat when people start talking 
> techie on this list.
> That said, a lot of my ideas could appeal to people if I drop the idea 
> of never selecting anything. I'd prefer to keep tools (modes) to a 
> minimum, but I could be convinced to meet somewhere between what we have 
> now (many modes) and my ideal (no modes). If it were, say, three, I 
> could live with that.
> This would allow us to consolidate palletes and make the contextual 
> menu... well, more contextual. Even accepting some modes, there's a lot 
> that can be done to simplify the interface. I propose this be one of our 
> goals.
> > Gary Glasscock
> > 
> > PS. any feedback on my suggestion to set up a listserv for our little
> > group?
> Could we arrange to get one from the same server as the main Scribus 
> list? If not, I'll set one up at Yahoo.
> Note: I'll be on the road for the next week, so my email availability 
> will be spotty.

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