[Scribus] another bug

James H. Cloos Jr. cloos
Sat Jul 26 19:57:52 CEST 2003

Just got hit by another bug.

I'm working on a (1 page) doc w/ about 132 input fields.  Took
forever to add them all.

I saved frequently during the process.  

Finally finished, saved again, and exported to pdf to see what needed
fixing.  Came back after a couple of hours, started on the needed
changes (mostly changing the pt size of the input fonts to match the
fixed text blocks) and discovered, right after saving the new changes,
that all my work today was gone.

Somehow, while I was working on other desktops, everything I did this
session was lost.  Since backups are not made when saving, I now have
to redo all of today's work.


I do like the project.  A free gui dtp app is very important for the
community.  And it is getting very good.

(Incidently, the crashing stopped; something scribus depends on must
have been updated in my latest rounds of emerging, fixing the segv.)


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