[Scribus] articles for Crossroads

Gary Glasscock rainmaker
Fri Jul 25 05:01:56 CEST 2003

I hope it is ok to post this to the listserv.

If anyone that is subscribed to the list is a college student and would
like to submit an article to Crossroads Magazine, the ACM student
magazine, go to http://www.acm.org/crossroads/submit/.  There are
guidelines available for writing the articles available at taht link
also.  We have two issues that we are currently taking submissions for:
issue 10.3 - Ethics and Computer Science
issue 10.4 - Computer Science Education

Submission of an article does not guarantee publication.  All
submissions are reviewed and voted on by all of the current staff then
the winners are notified and the editing process begins.  Good luck.

Gary Glasscock
Associate Editor
ACM Crossroads Magazine

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