[Scribus] Qt/Mac

Benjamin Reed ben
Sun Jul 20 01:13:17 CEST 2003

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I started looking into making scribus build with Qt/Mac, and came to 
much the same conclusions as Tor Ake Fransso (who posted about it a 
couple of days ago).

If you use the latest admin dir from KDE CVS, there should be an 
- --enable-mac option which will turn off all the X11 stuff.

I'm also putting together patches to make things link nicely (mac's 
linker isn't too happy with the "-s" you're passing to LD with 
$AM_LDFLAGS everywhere.  What is that option supposed to be doing?  I'm 
not familiar with it (gcc's trying to treat it like -shared, but that's 
a linux-specific ld flag I believe...)

The way you normally do this is to instead add -module to the 
libfoo_la_LDFLAGS line, I'll have patches shortly.

I'm also working on getting some code to look for resources inside the 
app bundle, rather than a full path, and a way to enumerate fonts 
without reading the X11 font server config...

I'll post patches when I have something more.  Looks like a cool tool, 
though.  :)
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