[Scribus] scribus and Qt/Mac

Benjamin Reed ranger
Sun Jul 20 08:30:55 CEST 2003

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I've got Scribus building on MacOSX with a bundle and such, if anyone's 
interested.  You can go to:


...if you want to check it out.  It's not really working all that well 
yet, but it's a start anyways.  :)

There's a patch there, which has my changes to Makefile.am's, as well as 
changing all the PREL stuff to use a function to get the path to 
resources (since it's now set up to look inside the application bundle 
for it's resources on OSX).  There were also som X11-isms in scfonts.cpp 
that needed to be defined out if Q_WS_MAC is defined...  There were a 
lot of places in the build where things are getting manually installed 
with install-data-local that can be done automatically.  I changed it in 
the main Makefile.am but haven't gone through the others...

There's also a script called "make-scribus-mac.sh" that I used to 
generate the application bundle.  It basically installs everything to 
/tmp/scribus, and then uses the stuff from there to fill 
/tmp/scribus.app.  (It expects Fink installations of a few things, like 
libjpeg, libtiff, etc.  My Qt/Mac was in /usr/local/qt as well... you'll 
probably need to modify the bits in this script to fit your 
environment.)  There's an "icns" file (which is the mac icon format) 
that goes in the same directory as this script to give it the icon.  I'm 
not sure of a nice way to integrate the bundle-generating stuff into the 

For it to build nicely, you also have to check out the latest admin/ dir 
from KDE CVS and replace the one in the scribus source tree with it; my 
patches for macosx support in KDE only recently went into CVS, and won't 
show up in the admin dir for the 3.1.x series.

Font handling is still pretty broken, I really don't know how to get at 
mac font resources...  I'm really not much of a coder, more of a 
tinkerer.  If there are any Mac developers who want to pick up where I 
left off, it should be reasonable to figure out what needs doing still.

Oh, there's also a screenshot in there (scribus.png)  As you can see, it 
still needs some work.  =)

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