[Scribus] Scribus on PPC problems

rreggi1 rreggi1
Fri Jul 18 20:54:53 CEST 2003

Hi I compiled Scribus on yellowdoglinux 3.0 and it worked, except text does 
not display correctly in the main layout window. When set to fit to page the 
text shows up as barely visible lines and zoomed the text appears to have all 
the letters piled one top of another. In print preview the text looks fine. It 
is difficult to impossible to input text because of this. By importing text 
from kwrite I was able to work around this somewhat, but it is time consuming. 
The other problem I encountered  was displaying graphics. Scribus would not 
display  gimp files (.xcf), tiff files,  or eps files. PNG files display fine 
but for print work this is not my favorite format. Let me know if someone has 
had better luck on Scribus on PPC. Thanks,


G4 450 mhz
512 mb ram
ATI Radeon card (32 mb)

Talk to you soon,


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