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Steve Herrick steveh
Fri Jul 18 06:58:01 CEST 2003

Craig Ringer wrote:

> OO.o 1.1's save-as-pdf would be handy here, but in the end OO.o tends to 
> shake up complex word docs a little too much to just open and 
> save-as-pdf - they need fixing first. I'm damnned if I'll use a word 
> processor for layout work - hence the interest in Scribus handling OO.o 
> docs.
> Craig Ringer

Craig's example is right on - I don't work for a newspaper (just a 
newsletter), but I've been asked to help work on MS Word files for an 

The other consideration here is that if it were known that OOo was the 
standard content-creation software for Scribus, it could really smooth 
the learning curve for folks who are comfortable with OSS in general, 
but new to DTP. If they could get their stuff reasonably close to how 
they want it, and then use Scribus to fine-tune it, everyone would come 
out ahead. Likewise, folks who are new to OSS and who see OOo as nothing 
more than a free replacement for MS Office might be excited that it's 
easy to open your docs in a fully compatible app to make them look even 
more professional.

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