[Scribus] Compile error under SuSE 8.2

Patrick magicpage91
Fri Jul 18 03:37:32 CEST 2003

On 18 Jul 2003 00:41:46 +0100
Paul <paulf.johnson at ukonline.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi,
> > checking cups/cups.h usability... no
> > checking cups/cups.h presence... no
> > checking for cups/cups.h... no
> > 
> > The summary at the end informs me:
> > CUPS installed: No
> > 
> > Yet I am running CUPS, and cups-devel is installed.
> I don't know if SuSE follows the same placing rules as RedHat, so I
> would suggest when you run ./configure that you use the
> --with-extra-includes= and --with-extra-libs= flags set to whereever
> the CUPS headers and linkable libraries are kept.
> Paul

Shouldn't be necessary Paul as it compiles very nicely on my 8.2 SuSE. 
I know CUPS is installed by default for SuSE, but I have updated since
my original install, so I am not sure if that might have something to do
with it or not.  Check to see if there are any other CUPS files missing
or devel files associated with cups.


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