[Scribus] new problem

Steve Herrick steveh
Thu Jul 17 06:23:27 CEST 2003

Franz Schmid wrote:
> Steve Herrick wrote:
>> Hey, folks, here's an interesting problem. I uploaded a Scribus PDF to 
>> my website, then downloaded it again. The downloaded version takes an 
>> incredibly long time to load in Preview (OS X 10.1) and Acrobat 
>> Reader, and will crash both by the second page. The original file is a 
>> bit pokey, but loads fine. Any ideas why?
> Did you upload the PDF in Binary Mode or as a simple Textfile? Seems
> that it got corrupted during the Up/Download.

I up and downloaded it through a Zope web interface (which has always 
been totally successful before). I don't know what mode Zope uses, but I 
assume binary. It seems strange that if it was corrupted, it would open 
and sort of show up. All other corrupted PDFs I've seen open as a blank 
page numbered "1 of 0," or refuse to open at all. But, it could be anything.

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