[Scribus] Scribus 1.0 - It's done..

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Tue Jul 15 02:37:46 CEST 2003

Nothing like bit of free publicity ;) Below is a short news release I
am sending to some of the on-line sites, linux magazines and DTP

Besides.. I think..I would hope he is in bed by now.. or out celebrating
- its 2:30 a.m. in Germany ;)

Best regards,


                    News Item for Immediate Release

Programmer Franz Schmid is pleased to announce the release of Scribus
1.0 - Linux Desktop Publishing. Two years in development and available
in 17 languages, Scribus represents the first open source DTP
application capable of generating professional "press-ready" results.

Among the major features of Scribus:

A modern user friendly interface developed with Qt. Scribus can run on
Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, BSD and soon Mac OSX. An experimental version 
running on Cygwin and Windows 2000 is in testing.

Unicode support including support for right to left scripts.

Can export CMYK separations and "press-ready" PDF including PDF 1.4
features such as transparency.

The only DTP application to create fully ISO compliant PDF/X-3 files.

A powerful PDF export engine capable of creating fully interactive PDF
forms, presentation effects and encrypted PDF.

ICC color management via the littlecms color management engine.

Powerful cross-platform Python Scripting language extending Scribus
functions and automating tasks, as well as calling external applications
within Scribus.

Uses XML as a native file format. The Scribus XML format has been fully

The Scribus Team:
Programming / Original Author Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid at
Code Review and API Documentation Paul F. Johnson paulf.johnson at
English Documentation and Testing Peter Linnell scribusdocs at
Many contributions and translations from users.

Scribus Home Page: http://web2.altmuehlnet.de/fschmid/  and mirrored at:

On line documentation and specs:
http://www.atlantictechsolutions.com/scribusdocs/ and mirrored at:


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