[Scribus] comiling libraries

Paul paulf.johnson
Thu Jul 10 08:46:39 CEST 2003


> I was just told in doing
> gtkmm2 not to confuse the unstable with the default gtkmm-1.2. One should
> use --prefix=/usr/something_else_folder_for_gtk2. Then there is
> and so forth, In other words if the distribution has a regular upgrade site
> then everything there is tailor made for itself. Otherwise....
> (PS. The gtkmm2 is for passepartout!)

This is not that much of an issue with Mdk9.1 and Slack9 as they are
both Gnome/GTK2 based on the GUI. However the advice is good.

What I would actually recommend is that for libraries (at least) folks
should only download the latest stable tarball. Unless you really do
know what you're doing, CVS can be very very dangerous. It's fine for
Scribus as Scribus isn't interferring with any of the main libraries,
but something like KDE3 or gtkmm will give a few sleepless nights if it
doesn't work as it should.



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