[Scribus] bus error starting scribus

Ralf Höling r.hoeling
Sat Jul 5 18:28:32 CEST 2003

Hi Paul!
Am Samstag, 05.07.03 um 16:31 Uhr schrieb Paul:

>> in OSX I use tcsh
> There will be a file called something like /etc/tschrc then.

I found a file called .login
	setenv QTDIR /usr/local/qt
	setenv PATH $QTDIR/bin:$PATH
	setenv MANPATH $QTDIR/doc/man
>> Is it possible to uninstall qt from /usr/local/qt and reinstall it in
>> /sw/qt?
> mv /usr/local/qt /sw should do it,

I have reinstalled via Fink, so that qt finds freetype, cups etc.
> but then you will need to reset where
> $QTDIR points.

Thats the problem now. First I removed the .login file and
logged in again
  ralf% echo $QTDIR
QTDIR: Undefined variable.

After that I changed the .login but fink doesn't install one folder
for qt but /sw/include/qt and /sw/share/qt3 and /sw/lib/qt3-plugins.

So I don't know what to wrote for QTDIR.

Thank you.

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