[Scribus] czech translation update

PFJ paulf.johnson
Tue Jul 1 10:39:13 CEST 2003


> I *DO* appologise a *lot* - but today is a great translation deal
> on my computer - a lot of typo geeks sends me corrections, suggestions
> and cakes (:)) minute by minute.
> Could you have look at the URL above (http://www.yarpen.cz/comp/scribus)
> e.g. late afternoon and update it again?

Not a problem - if you email me off list though, I'd appreciate it ;-)

> I'm very suprised by the public interest in Scribus here...

Why? It's a fantastic package and Linux ownership is far greater than
most suspect - especially in the former Eastern bloc countries!


Open your mind to a time where a company does not have control
Open your mind to a choice of applications which you can control
Open your mind from the closed world of those who seek total power
Open your mind to the wonderful world of Open Source

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