[Scribus] small bug in 0.9.9

Magic Page magicpage91
Mon Apr 28 06:55:00 CEST 2003

Paul wrote:

>I'm uploading a tarball to my webspace on blueyonder currently
>It should be there in the next 10 or so minutes (about 22:15 british
>summer time). This is an image of the sources as of 13:00hrs BST today.
>To make it, dearchive using tar -zxf scribus.tar.gz, enter the directory
>and type
>make -f makefile.dist
>This will generate the needed files. Then it's ./configure, make, make
>install as per usual.
>To make life simple for us developery types, if you refer to the tarball
>as being 1300270403, then bugs can be traced from then.

>QGDict::hashKeyString: Invalid null key
>Segmentation fault
Ok, Paul, this is the error text I received in a shell when testing
the new version you supplied above.  I was trying to copy from
one text box and paste to another.

I also had Scribus to stop while trying to cut and paste, but it
took 3 new text boxes to make it happen during this procedure.  I
thought that bug was corrected in the latest build?  Or was it
something else you were working on and only the cvs version is


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