[Scribus] Nightly tarballs and developments

Magic Page magicpage91
Mon Apr 28 04:18:41 CEST 2003

Paul wrote:

>Until the anoncvs server is running at work, I'll do a nightly build of
>scribus and put it on my blueyonder webspace (where it currently is).
>Things on my list...
>1. A redesign of the font picker.
>Have a look at http://www.paulf-johnson.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/screen.jpg
>(28K). This is how font picking is performed under RISC OS (another
>platform I work on). It's pretty simple to see how it works. Top line is
>the font name, click on the menu button and the font list appears and so
>Would folks like to see that implemented or are you happy with the
>current system?
>2. Additional colours
>Under the edit->colours menu, I've added a CMYK option, it's working to
>a fashion, but there is a strange bug in there somewhere
>3. Default template
>When you start a document, you can now pick a template type for that
>document or under preferences, set a default type for all documents
>(unless when you load a file, that file has another template inside).
>This code is not that simple to implement, so may take some time (it's
>ongoing on my laptop).
>4. Debugging information
>I've asked Franz to alter the configure file to allow for a new option
>--enable-debug. When activated, a debug text file will be generated as
>soon as scribus is run.
>Comments on these would be appreciated (especially the font dialogue

I believe your suggestion on the new font selector is a nice idea.  It 
provides one central place for the user to do what they need to set the 
types & styles.  I had thought about using a method much like most of 
the word processors as well, but with that you still have several key 
strokes or mouse clicks to get done what you want.   Your suggested 
method should eliminate a lot of the unnecessary mouse movement.

I don't know that I would agree with a default template, although a 
template selection and save menu item would be nice for each to create & 
save their own.  As DTP takes many forms with many different people, I 
don't think having a default template come up each time as the word 
processors do would benefit the standard DTP user.  Setting a default, 
as you mention, would be nice, yes, but letting the user decide what 
that default is would be best.  So, let the user define/make a template, 
save as a template to distinguish it as such and not a Scirbus doc, load 
it as a template, so that if the user selects "save", it asks to save as 
a doc rather than overwrite your template, unless that is what the user 
selects.  That should maybe save you some programming work and provide 
the user control over the whole process.

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