[Scribus] Version and Code

Paul paulf.johnson
Sun Apr 27 15:24:58 CEST 2003


I've just commited to CVS a small change which records the date and time
of the version build. The current version (I have looks like this)

Scribus Version 0.9.10
Build-ID: 12:38:16 Apr 27 2003 F-C-C-*

The F-C-C-* stands for

* always means "is not present"

F - freetype

Now the date and time will alter with each compilation, but that has an
advantage that as Franz (and I) usually commit daily, we can trace the
code back to a specific version. Possibly not the best way of doing it,
but useful.

I'm playing with the colour system for font colours so that instead of
the 7 you now have the extra CMYK option. If it works, I'll commit the

Would it be useful if I placed a compiled binary on a website somewhere
so everyone (on this list) can benefit from the changes? It would *only*
be the executable. You will need to have CUPS, LittleCMS and FreeType on
your machines.



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