[Scribus] Compiling Scribus 0.9.9 on MDK 9.0

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Mon Apr 21 17:05:24 CEST 2003

I had a problem with not found libtiff and lcms while running 
./configure, although both normal and devel versions of them were 

1. The problem with libtiff:  advice from Peter Linell for RH 9 users to 
do 'export LDFLAGS="-lm"' before running ./configure worked on Mandrake 
9.0 as well.

2. The problem with lcms: here helped setting two symlinks in 
/usr/include with  /usr/include/lcms/icc34.h and /usr/include/lcms/lcms.h

best regards

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