[Scribus] my problems with fonts in redhat 9

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Fri Apr 18 23:25:51 CEST 2003

On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 19:54, George Hail wrote: 
> Thanks for the help Bart.  Running mkfontscale and mkfontdir on my .fonts 
> directory fixed the problem.  I did not find this to be clear in the 
> documentation.  It is mentioned in the "Notes on Running Scribus 0.8+ under 
> Redhat 8.0", but only under the section dealing with Xft1.  Since Redhat 
> uses Xft2, I did not realize that they were needed with the default Redhat 9 
> setup.  On another note, am I correct in assuming that scribus does not 
> support em dashes, or have I not read the correct documentation?

Support for em-dashes is dependent on the font. For example, the new
Bitstream Vera Mono Medium has em dashes accessible in Scribus but not
Bold, or at least I could not find it where I expected it. 

I should be more emphatic to explain that support for "old"  Xft1 style
font configuration is still required for a great number of apps not only
Scribus, but Open Office, Mozilla unless specifically built to support
Xft2 etc. This concept was implied, but I will make some changes in the
wording based on your comments for the next version. 

Moreover, I can tell you the current cvs version of Scribus has a whole
bunch of new font handling stuff via freetype, which was never fully
exploited before. Without spilling the beans, it will add many of the
font encoding/usage features users have been asking for on the list. It
is a very impressive addition Franz has done and will make Scribus much
more capable to handle non ISO-8859-1 text.

Hope that helps,

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