[Scribus] latin 7

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Fri Apr 18 13:30:25 CEST 2003

That's really great news for us Easterners :-)

Thanks in advance and happy Easter celebration to everybody


Franz Schmid schrieb:

> Markus Roduner wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> First of all, thanks for the integration of iso-13 encoding in 
>> version 0.9.8.
>> When I open a new document, and paste some Lithuanian text into it, 
>> all looks just fine on screen and I can even print Lithuanian text 
>> from this new document. Problems occur after, means, when I save the 
>> document and reopen it. Instead of Lithuanian letter I can see only 
>> question marks. I have set the locale correctly (otherwise I wouldn't 
>> see the text correctly on screen, wouldn't I?). I can also insert 
>> some text (until saving), but not from the occuring insert table, 
>> there are only latin-1 letters. The same happens, when I try Polish.
>> Maybe someone of the other non Westerners has come across similar 
>> problems, or I have not seen some advice??
>> Thanks for any help, Markus.
> All of these Problems will be fixed in Version 0.9.9, which will be 
> hopefully
> available on the weekend. It contains a complete rewrite of the Font 
> related
> Code.
> The only disadvantage is that you must have FreeType2 installed to use 
> the
> new Code.
> Best Regards,
> Franz Schmid
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