[Scribus] horrible rendered qt menu fonts in scribus

Nicholas A. Preyss nalp
Mon Apr 7 20:07:25 CEST 2003


after installing the XFS-XTT TrueType Font Server (with the ms truetype 
fonts) all menus in QT programs look quite terrifying. The fonts consist
of large letters consisting of 10 big square pixels. 
In qtconfig i noticed that only the Helvetica font is rendered so
strange, so i switched the default to Arial and now the menus in qt
programs look normal again. 
Just scribus shows a strange behaviour, as long as there is no scribus.rc
config file the menus are renderd in arial and look normal, but after
opening the "preferences"-dialog or closing the programm there is a
scribus.rc and the menus look bad.
Maybe anyone has an idea about this issue.


scribus 0.9.8 (compiled from source)
Debian testing
fonts installed via defoma

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