[scribus-dev] back in the USSR

NASA Jeff tallboy258 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 20:24:41 UTC 2020

or rather the UK,
I left my flat keys in turkey and can't get into my flat and my mum and
grandfather were moving house when I got back and we've only just had the
internet hooked up. it's running at a measly 1.5mb so I'm going to have to
wait until I get a new keyfob from the landlord and can get back into my
flat before I can continue with more serious work.
They take a week or so to get a new keyfob for some reason so I'll ask them
if they have a code for an emergency box on the door so I can get in sooner
and don't have so much hassle if I lose my keyfob again. They will probably
tell me to bugger off so I expect to see you all again in a week or so's
time when I have fiber and we can catch up properly.

My mum is almost moved now so hopefully i'll have some time to relax and
get on with some reading, Turkey was busy all the time and I got quite a
lot done over there and even learnt a little turkish.

I had a chance to look at acrobat when I was over there and appart from the
kind of clicking and locking you get in cad packages it didn't really seem
anything special, it was quick however.
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