[scribus-dev] SVG support

NASA Jeff tallboy258 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 22:35:08 UTC 2020

 It's a bit quit on IRC, so I thought I'd email. For your views.

What's the current state of play for SVG support in Scribus? I'm
asking because the topic was raised in the Inkscape developers meeting

My summary, as good as I can manage, was as follows:

Scribus currently supports rich vector and bitmap graphics, enough for
the majority of the requirements for SVG, especially shapes and clip
art etc.. but not to the extent of supporting filters.

Text may be handled a little differently in Scribus, formatted text
frames as opposed to an ad-hoc text layout.

Support for importing and exporting documents in Scribus is cumbersome
and error prone, as discussed with ale, Scribus could really do with a
fresh modernized modular file format, a bit like SVG. That would in
turn make it easier to import and export documents into scribus that
are in other formats.

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