[scribus-dev] Integration with third-party software: Antidote

Alexandre Larouche alarouche at druide.com
Tue Jul 23 13:09:15 UTC 2019


I’m working at Druide informatique, publisher of Antidote (https://antidote.info <https://antidote.info/>), a suite of language correction tools comprised of corrector, dictionaries and guides in both English and French.

We’ve received a few customer requests that are looking to use both software at the same time.

We’re looking to collaborate with you to serve our common users. 

How can we make this happen? We do have an API for Linux and Windows (https://antidote.info/en/antidote-10/documentation/developer-tools <https://antidote.info/en/antidote-10/documentation/developer-tools>). As for macOS, we currently use the Accessibility SDK from macOS.


Alexandre Larouche
alarouche at druide.com

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