[scribus-dev] Improve CalendarWizard

Le Jeune Vincent vincent.ljeune at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 17:59:53 UTC 2017

Hello scribus-dev ! We are a team of 3 developper, and we would like to
improve the CalendarWizard module. Our idea is to create something more

We would like to implement it in the form of a wizard. Here is the logic of
the wizard:

1 - Choose the type of calendar (Wall Calendar / Office Calendar / Pcket
agenda / ...)
2 - Choose a layout. Some layouts should be fournished with the plugin. The
idea however is to let everyone create it's own layout. A layout is a
simple Scribus document in which there are at least couple of pre-defined
fields (depending on the type of calendar): month name, days of the week, a
photo box, days of month, etc.
3 - Create and apply styles for the different parts of a page (month name,
week day name, day of month). One should be able to choose the fonts, the
height, the color of text, ...
4 - Support the ics files -- be capable of importing events and custom
calendars on the page.

Currently we are testing the API and are experimenting with tk-inter.

What do you think about this idea, do you have any recommendations/ advices.

Do you think of other features that would be nice to implement.

Thanks for reading
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