[scribus-dev] pdf/javascript getIcon mystery

dockattt katttdoc at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 16:41:20 UTC 2017


I've been doing some javascript writing and have come across some 
interesting functionality listed in the JavaScript TM for Acrobat ® API 
Reference from 2007.   It lists these functions/items:

"icons , getIcon , importIcon , removeIcon , and the Field object 
methods buttonGetIcon ,
buttonImportIcon , and buttonSetIcon"

addIcon is described as so:

Adds a new named Icon object to the document-level icon tree, storing it 
under the specified name.

icons is described as so:

"An array of named Icon objects that are present in the document-level 
named icons tree. If there are no
named icons in the document, the property has a value of null ."

the "document level icon tree" also shows up with removeIcon function,   
I guess my question is what is the "document level icon tree"?

If I look at the PDF Reference 1.7 from 2006 I can't find any reference 
to an icon tree.   Anyone got an idea?   It'd be great if the we could 
store images/icons in our pdf document and access them via getIcon.


doc kattt

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