[scribus-dev] Fw: Re: [scribus-team] Re: CxF- colour plattes (e.g. from freie Farbe) in Open Source applications

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Fri Dec 8 20:23:13 UTC 2017

Here's another bit of playing around.

Starting with the grid created with the script, then transferring to an
A4 page, I've manually plugged in the values of the CIE-HLC color set.
This only shows the HLC 010 ... colors, with the Y-axis being the L
value, and the X-axis corresponding to the final 2 digits of the color
name, which implies particular a and b values, of course.

One thing you can see is the desirability of having a bit of space
between rectangles (as I'm sure is desired), since you get this optical
illusion of the appearance of the lightness/darkness at the edges of a
rectangle being affected by the adjacent color, making them seem like
they're not homogeneously pigmented.

So now I'm mentally (so far) working on the python logic to do this,
using the data, with a new display (it's a bar graph in a way) for each
color section. I realize this may not be the correct data (the a and b
values seem a bit off), but the logic should end up the same.

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