[scribus-dev] Extended Page Attributes

John L. Poole jlpoole56 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 14:34:36 UTC 2016

Is there a way for a user to add attributes to a PAGE object?

I'm thinking of the model as it is exported into XML.  For example I would
add attributes pageName and pageReference to the <PAGE> element
were I extending the element:

BORDERBOTTOM="40" NUM="0" NAM="" MNAM="Normal Right"
Size="Custom" Orientation="0" LEFT="0" PRESET="0" VerticalGuides=""
HorizontalGuides="" AGhorizontalAutoGap="0" AGverticalAutoGap="0"
AGhorizontalAutoCount="0" AGverticalAutoCount="0" AGhorizontalAutoRefer="0"
AGverticalAutoRefer="0" AGSelection="0 0 0 0" pageEffectDuration="1"
pageViewDuration="1" effectType="0" Dm="0" M="0" Di="0"

pageName="Overflow2" pageReference="Chap1p4"


I'm finding I would like to identify pages by a name or some designation 
(when scripting)
and cannot find a way to add an attribute.  As a hack, I could add an 
object to each page
and possibly use that as a storage area for my attribute value.

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