[scribus-dev] Problem accessing wiki and bugs webpages

Scribus User scribus.user at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 23:15:21 UTC 2016

> > As I said, I fixed my problem now (Thanks goes to Kunda for asking
> > question and a.l.e for answering it on IRC today).
> > You may ignore this issue.
> >
> > Juraj Fedel
> >
> While I feel you might have a case for use to investigate given the agent
> change works, I must say that the websites are not really built to work in
> a text only mode so we would not support this in any case.
> I’m interested to understand the agent thing though and will try some
> tests. I know we do not do any agent type filtering on the server itself.
> Craig

I don't recall the details... so apologies if I'm repeating things. I still
notice that If I try to open several different bugs in different tabs in
Firefox from time to time it will take a good 5 minutes before the
webserver serves the pages to me. Part of me is recalling that it may be
some sort of anti-ddos measure because that was an issue at some point in
the past.

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