[scribus-dev] Problem accessing wiki and bugs webpages

Juraj Fedel wtxnh-scribus at yahoo.com.au
Thu Nov 10 20:11:53 UTC 2016

On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 07:57:07AM +0200, "Christoph Schäfer" wrote:
> > Gesendet: Sonntag, 24. April 2016 um 13:15 Uhr
> > Von: "Juraj Fedel" <wtxnh-scribus at yahoo.com.au>
> > For some time now (more then 1 moths, maybe even 6 month) I can not
> > access scribus wiki or scribus bugs with my prefer ed web browser.
> > Before I was able to access those websites with my browser.
> Yes, there has been a major change to our sites, namely the switch to
> https. Maybe this is the source of your issues.

Sorry to revive old post, but here are my finding:

When I force my browser to use fake "User-Agent:" header and present
itself as Firefox I can access webpages. This seems to indicate that
some filtering on server side does not accept connection from 'not
approved' browsers - in my eyes this is wrong server configuration.

I am posting this because i have seen somebody else had problem
accessing webpage (can not find the post now). As far as I am concerned,
I fixed it on my side - but it would be good to configure server so it
does not reject connection from user based on User-Agent header value.

Juraj Fedel

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