[scribus-dev] 0013867: Autosave triggers a comment to STDOUT (visible if we invoked Scribus from CLI)

Juraj Fedel wtxnh-scribus at yahoo.com.au
Thu Mar 31 08:14:55 UTC 2016

It is easy to printout message to console when autosave is done.
I send patch to mantis for this.
I also slightly changed the message showed on status bar.

But i think this should be used only when you debug autosave behavior.
It is really not that useful to have STDOUT cluttered with debugging
messages in released program. I already found on console more debuging
messages than i would like.

Not sure really how useful for user is message printed in status bar
(bug #13815) either. For user it should be transparent when autosave
occur. To that end i do not think that autosave countdown widget is
useful at all. I do not recall of any other program that have this
feature. Scribus implementation of countdown widget is kind of nice but
in my opinion too much eye catching, almost hypnotizing. Why should user
be interested when file will be autosaved? Even worse is when countdown
is not synchronized with actual autosaving time: this is not reliably
reproduced but it occur sometimes - autosave is done couple seconds
before of after countdown is done. Disclaimer: i tested it always only
with 1 min interval, do not know how it behave with longer time


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