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William Bader williambader at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 12 19:49:56 UTC 2016

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> Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2016 06:40:30 -0800
> Subject: [scribus-dev] Scribus Dependency Tracking
> I encountered a bug in the poppler library (0.39.0) supporting the 
> windows build.
> On Jean Ghali's advice, I participated in a bug with the poppler team at
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=88511#c14
> I provided a patch against the 0.39.0 version.
> A poppler developer reponded asking me to basically test against
> their current version which is
> at 0.41.0.  That brings me to ask this question:
> Is there a matrix or something to track Scribus' dependencies?
> For example, the version of poppler offered for the windows build
> of Scribus is at version 0.39.0.  Is there reason why 0.39.0 could
> not be replaced with 0.41.0?  There ought to be some place where
> a developer can visit to see what versions of a dependency work, or
> more importantly, do not work and for what reason.
> I checked my Gentoo Linux environment where I build Scribus and see
> that I have poppler 0.32.0!
> Would having pages of tables on the Scribus wiki that track each
> dependency indicating what works, and what cannot work (because of
> recent code changes) be useful?
> It would be a waste of my time to try poppler 0.41.0 on Windows when
> it is known by others that version 0.41.0 will not work because of
> reason yadda..yadda.  There needs to be some sort of collaborative
> point where knowledge of a dependency is tracked.
> John

If you have any references for how poppler 0.41.0 does not work, can you create a poppler bug report? I think that most of the poppler developers use Linux, and sometimes Windows builds can get broken.
Poppler puts out a new release about every month or two, so the difference in version numbers doesn't mean a huge difference in the code. Almost every release adds to the API available to PDF viewers, and those API changes requiring bumping the version number. 
A number of libraries depend on poppler, and as those libraries require more recent versions of poppler, Scribus will require more recent versions of poppler as well, so if there are problems with poppler 0.41.0, it is better to report then now while older versions are still suitable for Scribus than to wait until other libraries start requiring poppler 0.41.0, which would complicate Scribus builds.
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