[scribus-dev] Permit usage of scribus fountain-pen as icon in gimp

staedtler-przyborski staedtler-przyborski at web.de
Sun Jan 31 22:14:54 UTC 2016

Dear Scribus Developers,

as I'm currently porting all gimp icons to svg I too want to 'renovate' 
outfashioned gimp icons a bit.

The gimp ink tool used in the past an ink-bottle as icon. IMHO a 
fountain-pen would fit much better there, and your's is simply the best 
(ways better than the feather designed by Jakub Steiner which is part of 
the tango libre-art icon set used in gimp).

I painted an icon based on your fountain-pen together with an ink-bottle 
in background (see attach).

Hope you agree with the usage.

Many thanks in advance


Klaus Staedtler

BTW. GIMP starting with 2.10, will have 'icon-themes'. A new - alraedy 
complete - theme will be symbolic (everybody has symbolic icons 
nowadays) , with many icons there designed by me. So if you ever want to 
make a symbolic theme by your own and you need icons therefore. Don't 
hesitate to ask me if I can support you. I surely will.
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