[scribus-dev] swiss publishing days 2015 in Bern: slides, including those from Libre Graphics talks, available for download

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Sun Nov 15 07:18:15 UTC 2015

Hi all,

The slides of the talks during the "swiss publishing days 2015" in Bern are now online: http://swiss-publishing-week.ch/winterthur_n.php?t=Teilnehmer-Seite&read_group=19

The most interesting talk with respect to Libre Graphics, was the one by Beat Kipfer (http://swiss-publishing-week.ch/dynpg/upload/imgfile1855.pdf) on Scribus, GIMP and Inkscape. He erred in several aspects, as those who can read German will certainly discover, but I was there and corrected the errors on the spot. Most importantly, though, Beat praised all three projects for their reliability and their longevity. According to Beat, they are worthy competitors to Adobe CC. It was also remarkable that one participant stood up during the Q&A session, and said (in German, of course): "I'm still an Adobe customer, but I'm about to leave the company's products, because their priority seems to be to find ways to suck their customers dry without even bothering to fix existing bugs. We should applaud and support the efforts of the Open Source community, because without them, there wouldn't be any competetion at all". The audience reacted with a long applause (and if you know the Swiss, this was a truly amazing reaction).

The slides of the presentation by Holger Everding (FreeColour) and I on the advantages of a vendor-neutral and CIELAB-based colour standard are also there: http://swiss-publishing-week.ch/dynpg/upload/imgfile1973.pdf, as are the slides of my talk on open file formats (http://swiss-publishing-week.ch/dynpg/upload/imgfile1858.pdf). Please don't bother downloading the latter, because I only used the slides as a visual introduction to what I said and demonstrated with real files (e.g. showing the content of an ORA file in Ark).


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