[scribus-dev] Issue#11772

Kunda Loves Scribus scribus.user at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 13:22:19 UTC 2015

> > I agree with you, but what happen if the user tried to change them under
> preference and no changes occur?!. So, as usability  I think there should
> be (e.g a pop up message) to inform the user to restart Scribus to apply
> the changes.
> >
> No pop up.
> Prefs needs to act immediately.
> Craig

In other words prefs in both: Preferences AND within Story Editor >
should act immediately? AKA You endorse IbtisamN fixing #11772 ?

John Culleton:
>The defaults work fine for me. I have never changed them.
I'm trying to understand what you are saying here:
That the defaults for the background color and fonts of the Story Editor
you haven't needed to change?
you are ok with the preferences and Story Editor settings behaving the way
they do now i.e. Applying Story Editor changes to settings happens
immediately but applying changes to  Preference > User Interface > Story
Editor only work after restarting Scribus?

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